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Thuisgemaakte radio-uitzending door Rob Hopkins

Rob Hopkins bezoekt vaak transitie projecten en doet daarvan met gevoel, Engelse humor en inzicht verslag op zijn prachtige blog:  Transition Culture. Inmiddels ben ik al jarenlang een fan van Rob's blog ;-) Mocht je willen kennismaken, lees dan eens zijn blog over de TT-Conferentie afgelopen herfst in Deventer.

Sinds kort heeft Rob er de Podcast aan toegevoegd: Zelfgemaakte radio van en door Rob met interviews en verslagen. En ook dit doet hij op een prachtige manier. Ter voorbeeld hierbij de podcast van December met bijhorende pagina.

Ik zou zeggen: Ga er eens lekker ouderwets voor zitten en luister maar:

It’s the December Transition podcast!
Farmsharing, community energy companies, and resource centres!

December 2011 Transition podcast by buy cheap cigarettes onlinecom/transition-culture”>Transition Culture

It’s time for the second monthly Transition podcast, in which we return to November’s ‘Round-up of What’s Happening out in the World of Transition‘ and go into more depth on three of the stories it contained.  Do let us know of any stories you think should feature in the next one.  This month we look at:

  • Transition Norwich’s Farmshare CSA project, interviewing one of its founders standing in the very field where the CSA is based and hearing the joys and the realities of running such a scheme
  • Bath and West Community Energy‘s recent share launch which raised £721, 350!  Find out their plans, the story so far and their very ambitious plans for energy generation in their area
  • Transition Llambed (Lampeter) who have just taken on a 20 year lease from their local council for their local hall, and have great plans to turn it into a Transition resource centre and farmers’ market.

At just over 15 minutes in length it’s rich with stories, inspiration and the voices of people out there doing Transition on the ground.  You can play it here, or download it to listen to on the train, while you’re cooking, or out running.  We do advise against listening to it whilst swimming though, on health and safety grounds.  Do let us know what you think….